Our church name “Living Faith” is a testament to the people who worship, study, and fellowship together. When we live our faith in Christ we practice living the love that God gives us in Christ Jesus and fulfill our purpose as His church. At LFLC we proclaim, witness, and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But we don’t stop there. We also help, support, show mercy and compassion to those in need. We go into the world, as Ambassadors for Christ.

Opportunities to Serve

At Living Faith Lutheran Church we partner with many local, LCMS District, and worldwide missions. Here is a list of current opportunities to serve in Relief, Relationship, or Reconciliation.
VDMA Network
The VDMA Network is a church planting network from the confessional Lutheran perspective.  The letters VDMA come from the great motto of the Reformation “Verbum Domini Manet en Aeternum!”  It means “the word of the Lord endures forever (Isaiah 40:8, 1 Peter 1:25)!”  We have zero interest in waving the white flag, exiting the mission field, or promoting our own self-righteousness.  We are guilty sinners pronounced righteous by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself through His own atoning blood on the cross.  Our only desire is to make known the truth of Christ crucified to the hurting, anxious, bound, trapped, and afflicted across the state of Georgia (and beyond when the Lord wills it.). The VDMA Network was originally started by Joe Scarpacci and Pastor Tim Droegemueller in concert with the LCMS pastors and congregations of the North Atlanta Circuit in Georgia.  The VDMA Network lives in the concrete and objective realities of Christ’s Word and Work.  Now is the time! We desire the Life we share in Christ to flow freely across the landscape of each community around us.  Now is the favorable time to rain down witness, mercy, and life through the Word of Christ preached and the Sacraments rightly administered (Matthew 28:19)!  Now is the time to be merciful to all those around us as our Father has been merciful (Luke 6:36)!  Now is the time to celebrate the touchable and taste-able life we have as the Body of Christ gathered around the Body of Christ (John 6:53)!  Now is the time to live out of the conviction that the Holy Spirit has delivered to us concerning the Word and Work of Christ.  And it is the time to do this as the local level.  Learn more.
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
In line with our commitment in the VDMA Network, we have stepped out in faith to establish a new mission congregation in Norcross, GA.  We want to serve the community by reaching out with the mercy of Christ and the saving message of the Gospel.  Our prayer is to build a congregation where real people, with flaws and imperfections, are cared for with Word and Sacrament as ones that Christ died for and not as just a number.  Learn more.
Lutheran Confessional Church Pakistan
Our former Vicar and his wife, Pastor Jay Dass and Julie, have established a new Biblical Lutheran Church denomination in the country of Pakistan with our prayerful support and in fellowship with the LCMS.  You can find out more about the Lutheran Confessional Church Pakistan at www.lccpmission.org .
Stepping Stone Mission
Ministering to the homeless in Atlanta. Regular clothing drives, personal care kits, backpack donations are collected at LFLC throughout the year. Learn more.
'In Christ For All' Emphasis
Motivated by the boundless power of God's grace alone, trusting Christ alone, and walking by faith alone, the 'In Christ For ALL' emphasis will help us to accentuate the work that God is already doing in our midst, help us to prepare for future ministry, and also provide for future space to bring Christ to the people around us.  Learn More.
The Place of Forsyth
The Place helps people in Forsyth County with emergency basic needs. Monthly food bank collection, serving a noon day meal, and supporting the Thrift Store are a few ways we partner. Learn more
Habitat for Humanity
Thrivent Financial partners with Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia to sponsor builds throughout the north Georgia area. In 2016 there will be two home builds in Forsyth County. LFLC members have participated on past projects in Cherokee County as well. Learn more
Thrivent Action Teams
As a membership organization of Christians, Thrivent Financial wants to make it easy for members to be active in helping us live out our full mission – so more members, their families and communities thrive. LFLC members lead numerous Thrivent Action Teams through the year, making it easy to support a cause they care about. It's not a gift or grant program. It's a one-time volunteer project – fundraiser, service activity or education event. Thrivent Financial offers seed-money, promotional materials and T-shirts to make it easy for members to bring a team together to make a charitable difference at LFLC and in our community.  For more information on how to become a Thrivent member contact Andrew Frerking at 404-772-0909 or andrew.frerking@thrivent.com
District and Worldwide Missions
We as a church support the mission work of the LCMS, the Florida/Georgia District, Lutheran World Relief (LWR), and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML).

Looking to Volunteer?